TPaaS of Classic Case in Finance Industry

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In order to enhance the whole communication towards efficient collaboration and make departments and staff within the bank communicate and collaborate more efficiently, Beijing Commercial Bank leadership adopted Collspace coordination platform to: 

★ To meet video conference requirements of different levels, such as the whole bank session, point-to-point conference, sessions, multi-group conference and data-sharing conference, etc.;

★ Support mixed-terminal conference including integrated machine telepresence, video conference terminal, leader desktop terminal and personal software terminals.

★ Video conference terminal can meet scenario requirements such as local meeting, panel and training conference, etc. 

★ Supports easy touch mode. You can access the conference just by one touch on the call button. It is easy for users to operate and the maintenance staff to manage.

★ Supports all network URI real-name calling; make easy naming of the device and its number.

★ Meets the need of video dial-in for business travelling staff and enterprise partners.

★ Deploys the applications on desktop terminal for company management, making it easy for leaders to have desktop conference discussion.

★ Supports unified registration, number allocation and device management

★ Free of maintenance; user-friendly interface; swift to create and manage video conference and have remote and local terminal control

★ Scalable according to requirement with transparent budget.

★ The platform realizes reliable redundancy design, ensuring the stability of the conference and the framework.


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