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Business Demand

Beijing DONGLAISHUN Group Co., Ltd, taking advantage of its time-honored brand effect, sets foot in fields of chain industry development, semi-finished brand products and R&D of finished products and adds vitality to the enterprise for its sustainable development. Owing to its unique flavors and quality service, it has won a wide market of its customers and has become a well-known brand because of good reputation. Up till now, it has many branches across the country. Meanwhile, there are more ways to order the food. Apart from eating in the restaurant, people also prefer ordering food online or by phone. The food chain enterprise is currently getting stuck in phone order management:

• Consumers are always complaining that order phone numbers are too many and hard to remember, and the response is too slow

• Customer calls are transferred unavailingly without locating the nearest restaurant, dragging down customer’s ordering experience.

• How to meet order market demand and increase enterprise brand recognition.

• Hysteretic, segmental and even inaccurate business data summaries result in lack of basis for enterprise decisions making.

• How to control costs of restaurants and increase enterprise profit.

• Hard to keep customer loyalty. They may only be loyal to certain store managers rather than the enterprise group.

• Customer complaints cannot be solved or given any explanations.

• Unable to evaluate the service level of staff accurately.

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