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Gold Sunshine Call Center solution smart version is able to realize:

(1) Quick deploy and delivery. The system can be put into use after simple installation and setting and its effect can be seen in a short time, sparing long-time and large-scale investment.

(2) Easy to use. It’s so easy that a staff even with little knowledge of call center is able to use it for typical customer service, marketing and return operation in a short time.  

(3) Multiple functional. Besides the basic functions of call centers such as fully Cisco-based routing, queuing, CTI, IVR, reports and voice recording, the system provides seamless integration with Tencent CRM, expanding online customer service channels for enterprise.

(4) Safe and reliable: the devices are unified and the system is stable. The maintenance requires only a few IT staff.

(5)Flexible to expand.  It caters to the capability of 10 to 300 seats and can be deployed flexibly on demand.

Based on years of customer service operation experience, Gold Sunshine call center solutions utilize Cisco UC front-end technology to launch a brand-new food delivery solution. With perfect ordering process, swift messaging and thoughtful customer care that are different from traditional practice, it creates a brand-new food ordering business.

Application value

Numerous food chain stores generally build systems to provide more communication channels for customers, such as phone order processing and customer care and complaints processing. The food delivery solution is able to realize: 

• A unified food ordering phone number increases brand recognition and is easy to remember.

• Orders are placed automatically; the service is controllable and visible.

• A complete and standard service process is built to improve the enterprise service quality.

• Various types of food orders are managed effectively with prompt response.

• A sound platform is provided for fast development of the enterprise.

• The whole process of a call is recorded thus making quick search to identify problem possible. 

Benefits for the enterprise

• Shorten the food ordering process; increase the revenue of restaurants.

• Lower costs (marketing cost, human resource cost) and increases notably the net profit with advantage of Group Company.

• Unify the brand management; build brand advantage and establish brand status.

• Build a good customer relationship management system, increase customers’ recognition of the brand and their loyalty so as to increase customers’ contribution to the enterprise profit.

• Provide recording proof to make clear customers’ liability to help avoid or solve disputes with customers.

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