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Licensed ISP by MIIT, GSS holds profound strategic partnership with tier-1 carriers, e.g. China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile, etc. and jointly provide international carriers, System Integrators and Internet/Cloud Service Providers with proven business-grade Internet connectivity in the Greater China region.


We can get tier-1 Broadband Internet Access or Dedicated Internet Access with premium SLA’s. Either way, you always get static IP addresses, onsite installation and Ethernet handoff.


To remain competitive, businesses are increasingly relying on web-based and cloud-based services. So companies depend on business-grade access to the Internet at the fastest speeds possible. Designed specifically to meet your needs and grow with your business.

    Features & Benefits

        Multiple types of access, high-capacity bandwidth choices, robust Service Level Agreements and web-based monitoring of bandwidth capacity.


   All Access Technologies

       In every city we offer a portfolio of Internet access services using all available access technologies, such as Fiber (Dedicated, FttX), Copper (SONET/SDH) ADSL, SDSL, VDSL), Wireless (3G/4G/LTE) and Satellite.


   Scalable bandwidth

        Options from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps

        How fast do you need to go? We offer a range of speeds, depending on your access technology, so you can right-size your solution. Dedicated internet access? Get up to 10 Gbps.

       Choose from a variety of speeds that accommodate everything from basic Internet service to transfers of high-end applications such as video conferencing, VoIP or web hosting services.


    Premium Service Levels

     We offer standard SLA’s for small office and backup solutions, up to protected Internet access with premium SLAs for business critical sites and cloud applications. Our premium SLAs include Standard Time To Deliver and Time To Repair service levels.

    Enhanced availability and quality

        Best possible performance and throughput

         We route your traffic around congested public peering points

        You need to offer your clients Hybrid WAN solutions with guaranteed latency, packet loss and uptime. That’s why we offer Optimized IP as an option. We use multiple Tier 1 IP transit providers and leading-edge IP routing optimization technology to offer you the best possible service levels.

     Proactive 24/7 network monitoring

         Information on your connections, any time you want it

         We are always open and continuously monitor the entire installed base in order to efficiently and effectively trouble shoot any incident.



 1, Dedicated Internet Service from GSS is designed for different types and sizes of businesses.

Standard    FeaturesHighlights
SCALABLE BANDWIDTHRanging from 1.5 Mbps to 100 Gbps
ROUTERPreconfigured settings, installation by GSS and ongoing   maintenance and support included

 2, DIA Capacity Port Speeds


Customer    Profile

1.544 Mbps – 6   Mbps

T1 / DS1 Internet access services are ideal for small and medium   businesses requiring reliable, high-speed Internet access with dedicated   Internet connectivity


6 Mbps – 45 Mbps

T3 / DS3 Internet access services are ideal for businesses that   require high-speed, high-capacity Internet access to support high bandwidth   applications or have outgrown their T1 services


3 Mbps –   100 Gbps

Ethernet Internet access services are ideal for high-end   applications, including video-conferencing, Voice over Internet Protocol   (VoIP), and Web Hosting

Optional Features

     Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4)      routing protocol

     Netwok Access Translation      (NAT)  

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