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As more enterprise applications migrate to the cloud, enterprises have to deal with an increasingly complex WAN network environment that combines multiple private networks and public internet services. This demands time-consuming set-up and configuration for any change to be made to the network.

With GSS Software-Defined WAN, namely, SmartWAN, enterprise can simplify and securely manage different networks as if they are one. It enables businesses to take full advantage of hybrid networks through a centralized management console hosted on GSS cloud. Changes in network policies or resource allocation can also be managed centrally and rolled out across the enterprise in real time, allowing enterprise to respond dynamically to new business challenges.  




GSS is taking leading position of design and deployed SD-WAN solution based on Cisco SD-WAN in China market.



        Lower total cost of WAN solution: iWAN uses less expensive WAN links such as Internet or wireless rather than MPLS VPN.

       Transport independence: a dynamic multipoint VPN-overlay across all connections to create a single routing domain.

       PfR - Intelligent path control: looks at application type, performance, policies, and path status to dynamically control data packets.

       Optimized application performance: provides tools for improved visibility of applications to enable better performance and workload balancing.

       Secure connectivity: incorporates VPN, firewalls, network segmentation and other tools to ensure better network security.

       Simplified management: uses a single platform to manage the entire network across all platforms and locations.

       Fast ROI: many companies find the solution pays for itself in just a few months.

       Reliability: most sites enjoy 99.999 percent uptime.



To learn more about GSS SmartWAN, talk to our expert.

 GSS SmartWan Benefits

·       Centralized console to reduce WAN complexity and simplify network security management

·       Improves business agility as connectivity is easily deployed to new sites

·       Enhances network visibility with live reports

·       Enables quick changes to network policies in response to changing business needs

·       Optimizes connectivity as traffic is routed across the most efficient connections

·       Prioritizes critical applications with dynamic adjustments based on network behavior and resources

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