Professional Services

Recruit IT operations and maintenance personnel with relevant skills and experience and subject them to rigorous interviews and background checks to ensure the quality and reliability of personnel.

Excellent IT operations and maintenance team outsourcing services

Our professional IT service providers are responsible for managing, recruiting, and training operations and maintenance personnel, and assigning them to perform IT operations and maintenance work in client enterprises. We are committed to providing clients with the most flexible, efficient, reliable, and secure IT operations and maintenance services.

Targeted Skills Training and Certification

We provide customized training and certification for operations and maintenance personnel, ensuring their expertise in operating systems, databases, and network management for efficient completion of tasks.

Service Quality Monitoring and Reporting

Our service quality management system ensures monitoring of IT operations and maintenance services, with regular reports and analysis on SLA, KPI, and improvement directions for client enterprises.

Professional Support and Assistance

We offer comprehensive support to operations and maintenance personnel, including technical assistance, training, and human resources management, ensuring their up-to-date skills and close collaboration with client IT departments.

Regular Management Reports

We provide detailed reports to client enterprises on personnel management, skills training, work plans, and service quality, helping them understand the operations and maintenance team's work situation and improvement areas.

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Featured Solutions

End-to-end solutions for IT infrastructure and digital transformation

IT Infrastructure Digital Transformation

Professional IT system integration service provider with excellent digital transformation capabilities.

IT Maintenance and Managed Service Solution

Our overall operation and maintenance solution aims to provide enterprises with comprehensive IT operation and maintenance services to ensure efficient and stable operation of their IT systems

Smart Campus Solution

Smart Park Solution is a comprehensive solution based on technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data, Its goal is to provide intelligent and efficient management services for parks