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XX bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of XX financial group, the second largest financial group in South Korea. Headquartered in Seoul, XX bank is the third largest commercial bank in South Korea. It has 648 branches in South Korea, and has many overseas business outlets in mainland China, Hong Kong, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and other places. With diversified products and humanized services, XX bank has won the honor of “the best private bank in Korea” in the selection initiated by Eurocurrency magazine for 8 consecutive years; In November 2012, it was selected as the “best bank award of the Republic of Korea” by the bank magazine.

XX bank established a local legal person bank in China in December 2007, with a registered capital of 2 billion yuan equivalent. The company is headquartered in Beijing Financial Street. At present, our company has set up business outlets in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao, Yantai, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin and other places, and is still developing to improve the financial network system of XX bank in China.

Business requirements

With the continuous expansion of the business of XX bank (China) Co., Ltd., the business interaction, meeting communication and personnel training between the headquarters and various branches and between various branches are becoming more and more frequent. A large number of business strategies and management policies adopt the means of remote conference for decision-making and publicity. There is an urgent need for a means of remote cooperation to ensure efficient and timely communication. As an advanced means of remote interaction and cooperation, HD remote video conference technology can realize an efficient and high-definition conference experience between headquarters and branches, branches and branches, and help to improve the efficiency of communication and interaction.


Deployment scheme

First, deploy sx20, sx10 and dx80 terminal equipment in the conference rooms of the headquarters and branches, and connect them with network cables to ensure normal Internet access of the access line. Register to the sunshine golden net video cloud through the Internet.


Deployment requirements

Ensure that the Internet connection of the line is normal and the available bandwidth of uplink and downlink is 2m. In order to stabilize the network access to the video cloud, it is recommended to configure a fixed IP address for the video terminal and set DNS to If there is a firewall or Internet behavior management, please ensure that the IP addresses 5060 and 5061 ports of the video terminal are open.

Deployment process

After the customer’s Internet has been opened, we will send the equipment to each site. Now the customer only needs to connect the power supply to the video terminal and configure the IP address. We will install and debug the background server, set up the video conference room, provide video conference use, configure the account, bind the client and other operations. The cooperation of the customer’s field engineer may be required in this process.

Customer benefits

More convenient and simple to use

In the process of actually using the video terminal of sunshine golden net, it basically takes only one click for meetings and meetings. Dial in the video conference room number.

Use the video cloud of sunshine golden net without any configuration; Start a video conference anytime, anywhere, and join the conference within 1 ~ 2 seconds after dialing in the video conference number.

Cheap means an innovation

Compared with the traditional hardware video conference, the cost of cloud video conference may be less than 1 / 10. There is no need to buy expensive MCU, rent special line and maintain by professional IT personnel.

Video cloud can be easily interconnected with traditional video conference to protect customers’ existing investment and expand and reuse the traditional video conference system.



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