IFC Building WiFi System (WiFi Deployment + WiFi Authentication)


The Beijing IFC international financial resources center is a 5A intelligent office building built by Tianrun holding group in the core area of Beijing CBD. Chang’an Street surrounds it and faces the international trade center from north to south. It focuses on the world with the “window of China” and becomes a global high-end business center on Beijing’s golden cross.


Construction demand

  1. Wireless coverage is required in all areas within the office building.
  2. Mobile work is necessary within the office building, requiring automatic switching of access points during wireless terminal movement and uninterrupted wireless roaming.
  3. The office network primarily serves internal staff and visitors, requiring multiple SSIDs with different network permissions and isolation from each other.
  4. The AP should have an attractive appearance that complements the office decor, support PoE power supply, and meet fire protection and wiring requirements.
  5. The APs should support unified management and configuration, and real-time monitoring of the working status of each AP for easier operation and maintenance.


Wireless Coverage: High availability wireless coverage is provided in all areas of the office building. The APs are equipped with professional antennas with linear adjustable transmission power to meet the coverage requirements in different areas.
Flexible Roaming: The FIT AP wireless architecture supports fast layer 2 roaming across APs. Different APs can be configured to transmit the same SSID, and wireless terminals can quickly switch between different APs within the same VLAN when moving between different areas.
Authentication and Security: Multiple user access authentication methods are supported, such as MAC authentication, and Portal authentication, and can be combined with external authentication servers to implement short message authentication, WeChat authentication, and other authentication methods to ensure network security.
Easy Deployment: The APs support 802.3af/at standard POE power supply and can be ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted, making them flexible to meet the fire protection and wiring requirements of the office building.
Easy Management: The FIT APs are centrally managed by a wireless controller (AC), which can automatically discover and manage the APs and view their real-time operational status, making network operation and maintenance more convenient.

Customer value

  1. Build a unified intelligent service system and intelligent interconnected real estate.
  2. Provide “end-to-end” information and communication services for tenants with “one-stop” delivery.
  3. As a permanent operator, respond quickly to customer needs and provide professional service support.
  4. Set the benchmark for the implementation and operation maintenance of weak current specifications for commercial buildings in China.
  5. Provide space for property/rental value appreciation.


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