Smart Cloud Solution For XX Auto Parts Company


Business background

The original video conference system of XX automobile can only be used on the intranet. It needs to be optimized and improved in terms of platform capacity, compatibility and flexibility of application scenarios. Otherwise, it will not only affect the communication between various departments, but also prevent the headquarters from communicating with the 4S store in a timely and effective manner, and will not provide effective training or sales content materials for front-line sales personnel, thus affecting the sales of products; In addition, the inability to communicate with external suppliers will affect the purchase of various parts required for production at any time, which will inevitably affect the production progress of the product.

Needs and pain points

● the original video conference system has purchased nearly 100 terminals, but it still can not meet the needs of business expansion, so it is in urgent need of capacity expansion.

● all 4S stores and suppliers, foreign branches and customers cannot join the video conference system of the intranet.

● maintenance cost and efficiency need to be improved.


● hybrid cloud deployment: it not only has a short implementation cycle, but also is perfectly compatible with nearly 100 sets of original video terminals of XX automobile, realizing the interconnection between the internal network and the external network without changing the usage habits of the original systems and equipment. Hybrid cloud deployment also has high capacity expansion flexibility and pay on demand, which greatly reduces the waste of conference assets, reduces the expansion cost, and also solves the problem of continuous capacity expansion in the future.

● multi terminal participation: employees can participate in the meeting with mobile phones, computers and tablets. Overseas employees can directly use the browser to participate in the meeting because it is inconvenient to download domestic apps. There is no need for plug-ins to be registered. The method of participation can be flexibly selected by the status of the employees.

● unified management: the original video conference terminal can be registered to the GSS video cloud and managed in a unified manner. The IT administrator can also assign corresponding accounts to all branches, 4S stores and suppliers, and configure different levels of use rights. Even during the peak period of the conference, it can be managed in an orderly manner.



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