Beijing Digital Huamao Smart Park


Adhering to the advanced concept of “Being responsible for the city, society and history”, Beijing Huamao has built a modern service industry operation platform focusing on finance, securities, headquarters office, new energy technology, commercial retail and business travel services by integrating international top resources with the leading business model of “integration of construction and operation, continuous innovation and improvement”, It has quickly created the core of urban CBD and established an international and high-level business district landmark.


Requirement Analysis

• continuously leading high-end services to achieve people-oriented, green, efficient and business value-added goals.

• create a more efficient, convenient, high-quality and green intelligent experience with the help of digital tools.

• build a digital platform to realize intelligent scenes such as security, passage, parking, smart commerce, property management, space environment, light control, ladder control, BIM, convenient payment and visualization of comprehensive situation.

• based on the mobile Internet, integrate the smart and simple experience of Commerce, property, enterprises, consumers and employees, comprehensively reproduce the virtual community and help the sustainable development of the smart community.


• digital base: Huawei’s fertile digital platform.

• strong integration: realize the docking of 11 + customer stock system.

• intelligent data analysis: realize the efficient mining of data value in the park through the data center.

• efficient system linkage: break through system barriers, realize system linkage and improve the operation efficiency of the park.

• rich interactive interface: large screen, PC terminal, mobile terminal and other display methods provide great convenience for employees and customers.

Customer Value

Service platform, casting super soft power

Build a digital base of the smart Park Based on the fertile digital platform, rich scene combination, service innovation, improve humanized and privileged services, and create super soft power.

The park is mobile and convenient for life

With one mobile phone and one app, you can enjoy the convenience of access, work, social networking, shopping and consumption, reporting for repair and service evaluation.

Sustainable development and enabling new business

Based on excellent operation, precipitate data, process and logic, accelerate the formation of data to data assets, give full play to data value, support business decision-making and optimization, help Huamao realize comprehensive digital operation, and lay a solid foundation for Huamao’s intelligent new business.

Through digital enabling park management and data-driven operation, it helps to optimize property management, improve service quality and innovate business model.



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