Unified Wireless Access For Large State-owned Enterprises


China XX (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in June 1995. As the project operation center of XX real estate, XX Group is mainly engaged in the holding and operation of high-end commercial real estate, and is committed to operating high-end hotels, office buildings and commercial projects with landmark and boutique characteristics in selected areas. Through the development and successful operation of a series of high-quality projects, “XX” has become one of the few well-known brands in China focusing on the operation of high-end real estate. Since 2005, it has been awarded the honor of “China’s 500 most valuable brands” and “China’s brand annual award No.1 (real estate)” by the world brand laboratory for eight consecutive years. In January 2010, “XX” was recognized as “China’s well-known trademark” by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and commerce.

Requirement Analysis

With the rapid and continuous development of the enterprise, the network access and access methods show a diversified trend. In your company’s network, there are more and more types of terminal equipment accessing the network, from traditional PC to IP phone, printer and fax machine. Especially with the continuous improvement of the function and performance of mobile terminal equipment, such as various smart phones, the requirements for wireless are also increasing, Only when wireless authentication is deployed in the middle of the group, XX subordinate units in China need to change the deployment site frequently, which brings great inconvenience to network managers. In addition, with the beginning of paying attention to the security of their own sensitive data and information and strictly controlling the access rights to sensitive information and important data, users of the network, including suppliers or temporary visitors, need to allocate access rights according to their identity. China XX urgently needs a solution that meets the needs of a rapidly developing enterprise like us, and realizes rapid deployment and migration, identity authentication and secure access.

Overall architecture of wireless solutions


Wireless controller: a centralized management device for managing thin AP, which can be deployed in two modes: centralized forwarding (Unified forwarding after the traffic is centralized to the wireless controller) or local forwarding (direct forwarding through the gateway after the traffic passes through the AP);

Domain controller: used to authenticate user access. If there is no local domain controller, it can authenticate to the superior unit or group domain controller;

Radius authentication server: users need to use the radius protocol for identity authentication. Therefore, a server capable of radius protocol negotiation needs to exist. The radius server will transfer the authentication request to the domain controller. If there is no radius authentication server locally, users can conduct authentication negotiation with the radius server of the superior unit or group;

Wireless AP: the access device is the same brand as the domain controller and can be managed. It is required to support thin AP mode, multiple SSIDs, multiple authentication methods, etc;

Customer benefits

1. As an extension of desktop wired network, wireless network provides convenience and mobility. This solution solves your company’s rapid and safe deployment of the basic network and greatly shortens the cycle time.

2. The user authentication of wireless network is prohibited to use fixed password for authentication for a long time, because the long-term use of fixed password will lead to security risks such as leakage and cracking; Therefore, in terms of user authentication, the authentication method of “domain authentication” is required. That is, only internal employees with domain accounts can use the wireless network normally. It improves the security of mobile and convenient network and the flexible deployment of sites



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